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ReLarc focusses primarily on international distribution of frameless copper IUD's.

The frameless IUD eliminates the use of a frame that gives conventional IUD's their signature T-shape. The design reduces discomfort and expulsion associated with conventional IUD's. Without a solid frame, the IUD fits into any size and shape of uterus, allowing complete freedom and comfort in every movement. This reduces expulsion and discontinuation rates compared to framed copper IUD's.

GyneFIX is a frameless copper IUD manufactured by Contrel Europe. The distribution of GyneFIX to national distribution partners is organized by ReLarc. ReLarc fulfills all international orders to these partners.

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GyneFIX is designed to offer the comfort and convenience of copper contraception without having the negative side effects that accompany traditional T-shaped copper IUD's.

GyneFIX is produced from surgical thread to which medical grade, high purity copper (99.999%) tubes are attached. This design is by all means a new generation copper IUD that eliminates the complaints of excessive menstrual blood loss, which is the most common cause for the removal of an IUD.

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Gyn-CS is a specific type of GyneFIX IUD that has been designed for intracesarean insertion.Gyn-CS is the only IUD that can reliably be inserted directly into the uterus during a cesarean section.

As Gyn-CS features the same frameless design as GyneFIX, Gyn-CS provides the same benefits, comfort and reliability. Combined with a simple insertion procedure during a cesarean section and surgical fixation of the IUD, Gyn-CS provides a safe, effective and immediate means of contraception following a cesarean section.


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